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Melissa Chiang236

In my practice, I have two demographics - people that are trying to combat aging (they are usually in their late thirties and beyond) and people that are trying to prevent/enhance/maintain (20s and early 30s and more rarely older thirties and 40s).

I like the friendliness and animation of 2 and 3, and they would probably both fit well for both categories (though maybe 3 does look a little too young, I like her animation). I think 6 would be really good for the clients that are combating aging since she looks a little more like that demographic.

Susan Weinkle236
Tiffany Mccormack261
Heather Furnas263
Brian Biesman613
Brian Reedy613
Dr. Berson236
Louis Buckley612
Kiya Movassaghi216
Dr Cho246
Ava Shamban246
James Grotting635

Good to have both Caucasian and non-Caucasian if we can use both.

Suzanne Kilmer621

Not 3 or 5…

ashley gordon163
Bradley Calobrace365

The third one , she is Asian , is an excellent communicator and keeps your attention with her voice modulation. I liked 6 because of age and her ability as well. She looked good. 3 more common and likes a friend. She talks to you. Doesn’t preach to you. The presenter seemed very comfortable

John Apostolides165
Brian Zelickson18336

For our demographic I would like to see a more mature spokesperson who is racially ambiguous. In

Lorrie Klein, MD563
Francisco (Paco) Canales612
Jay Burns135

Number 1 had a very good overall feel but I liked #3 in the way she was more animated and seemed the most comfortable with the material…#5 might have been equal to number 3 in the way she was confident and animated…

NAMEFirst Audition ChoiceSecond Audition ChoiceThird Audition ChoiceANY NOTES?